Throw out your obsolete software

Tired of outdated software and poorly thought out integrations? So are we.

We team up with manufacturing and distribution companies to maximize their return on capital.

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Enterprise-level order management system with lightweight CRM and notifications.

Marketing Elixir

"Internet Marketing Experts" who have never spent a day in your shoes are everywhere. Not us. We've been corporate trainers, mechanical engineers, offshore project managers, and executive leaders. We understand your business.

From full rebrands to targeted SEO approaches to increase web traffic to anywhere in between, our team will ensure your company's marketing is on point.

No fluff. No BS. Only results.

Punchlist Zero

Custom engineering tools and calculators for energy industry professionals. Visit PunchlistZero

Throttle Up Apps

We provide the tools to better run your business. Give your sales reps access to crucial company data on the fly. Systemize the ways products are specified. Perform critical calculations from anywhere on any device whenever you want.

Throttle Up apps are cloud based, custom built, and private labeled to help manufacturing and engineering firms store, share, and aggregate data with clients and internal stakeholders.

Operating Culture

Culture, an often nebulous measure of how well an organization is aligned and lives out its values, demands your attention. Your employees, customers, and future financial returns depend on the development and advancement of great company culture.

Leverage the proprietary and industry-leading tool CultureLens to provide a deep understanding of your organization’s needs. Or talk with Lavister’s team of operating culture experts.

Learn more at


Measure, clarify and advance your operating culture. Visit CultureLens

The Momenta Process

Complimentary Assessment

In-person meetings

1 week

  • Identify potential areas of opportunity
  • Discover processes that need optimizing
  • Review current software and limitations
  • Discuss implementation goals
  • Stakeholder assessment

Informed Recommendation

Creating a blueprint for success

2+ weeks

  • Presentation of solutions
  • Analyze projected ROI
  • Discuss any market competition
  • Establish expectations and deliverables
  • Stakeholder decision made

Development & Implementation

Creating your application

2+ months

  • Comprehensive statement of work
  • Experienced US developers
  • QA and UA testing to discover issues early
  • Co-developed user acceptance tests
  • 3 months free maintenance on custom builds

Our Design Principles

1 Off the shelf is better We will not build what you can buy.
2 User experience before everything Software without proper UX research is a house without plumbing.
3 Simpler is always better We always start with the most viable solution before phasing-in more functionality.


Punchlist Zero
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