Relevant Rental

The Challenge: Centrifugal compressors perform differently under different site conditions. Selecting the appropriate centrifugal compressor takes a strong understanding of available compressors and capacity, as well as applying site conditions to modulate performance.

The Solution: Momenta Tech built a custom compressor calculator that allows the user to specify the geographical installation of the rental asset as well as the required machine pressure and flow. The compressor calculator displays compressors that could be a potential fit for the site requirements and well as expected performance at the given site.

Barrett Steel

The Challenge: Barrett Steel needed a custom ERP and communications system to replace their existing amalgamation of different software used during the sales process. Ultimately, they needed a single set of data from which they could derive trends and forecasts.

The Solution: A comprehensive order tracking system with a variety of user permissions that allowed transparency across the Barrett organization. From salesperson to warehouse manager, every employee could access the part of the sales pipeline and move an order through logistics.

Punchlist Zero

The Challenge: Many historic sites that provide engineering data to equipment providers lack a modern user interface as well easy to use calculations.

The Solution: A site map to provide on demand engineering intel to equipment providers was formulated, developed, and deployed in early 2019. The site includes easy to use calculation tools, industry news, and education articles about critical equipment. Via user feedback and organic traffic intelligence, site iterations were performed that increased traffic 400% from the summer of 2019 to the summer of 2020. Today, Punchlist Zero serves thousands of users and helps new engineers become acclimated to manufacturing.

StudioMet Architects

The Challenge: StudioMet needed was struggling to complete in SEO ranking amongst their competitors and needed a responsive design update.

The Solution: Momenta Tech was able to increase their page rank and overall Alexa score by more than 25% while creating a mobile-friendly design that was easily editable by StudioMet.


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